The Project Brum idea was born in 2015, just before Christmas and decided that it would be ideal for students to gain valuable work experience within the Wellbeing Service.

Project Brum is a project created by students, for students. Across the summer, we aim to employ students, from college and universities, to supervise the Summer sessions that are going on around the parks and streets. In previous years, we have had students in as casuals, under no formal programme, to meet the demand of the seasonal programmes. The students of 2016 wanted to put together a formal, structured and rewarding project that aims to improve a student’s existing skill set. Project Brum gives students the choice to work in a variety of environments; either in the office, out in the parks and even out in the streets. Project Brum wants to recruit 35 students to work with the Wellbeing Service over the summer to help publicise, deliver and monitor the various activities. Similar to an internship, students working within the Project Brum project will receive full training and guidance that will help them through the Summer and in to the future beyond Project Brum. Following this, a mentor will work closely with a previous student to guide them through their time with us. Project Brum is about working closing in various communities, providing activities as well as promoting a healthy and active lifestyle whilst meeting new people.

Multiple projects and areas of the Wellbeing Service are under the Project Brum programme, including:

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