A ProjectBrum road closure?!?


This is ProjectBrum, 2017 Week 3 and I’ve had a great week. This week ProjectBrum has welcomed the second group of students into the project. While some timetables are being sorted out for the first  group of ProjectBrum students, I have been spending more time with Usman, as I am his mentor. Our aim at ActiveStreets is to get the students from ProjectBrum who work with us to eventually close their own street for an event 🙂 . The time I have spent with Usman on ActiveStreets this week has been really encouraging for me because he was so on board with the idea of his own closure and so innovative when collating information about his own street. Exciting times ahead for ActiveStreets!!

As Usman has now been assigned to Big Birmingham Bikes we will have to think of a way to pursue this ActiveStreets project further with him, it would be amazing for him to organise his own road closure in his own street especially in his first ever summer here!

Thursday this week I spent most of the day in the kitchen with Olga helping out with the Real Junk Food Project. The Real Junk Food Project receives donations from restaurants and supermarkets of food that would otherwise go to waste. The project turns the food into healthy, nutritious meals and delivers them here in the cafe on a Pay As You Feel basis. I had a really great day working in the kitchen with Olga, cooking and then helping serve the food. Despite peeling the tops of two of my fingers 😦 I am looking forward to going back in a couple of weeks, it feels good to be a part of a project that reduces waste while supporting the surrounding communities.

For more about each project click the links below 🙂

The Real Junk Food Project



Final White on Purple.png.270x270_q95_crop--50,-50_upscale


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